PHOTO Sarah at Garden Secrets exhibition
PHOTO Sarah sketching

Sarah paints from her home studio in Sydney. She also likes to get outside to paint landscapes en plain air. Visiting gardens is of particular interest inspiring many of her recent ideas. 
She originates from the UK and studied a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design at Bristol Polytechnic. For almost ten years prior to moving away from the UK she spent her time working in London on magazines as an Art Director. Titles included House & Garden, Brides & Setting up Home, Tatler and ELLE.
After making her way to Australia in 1999 Sarah completed a Diploma in Photography at KVB in North Sydney and took up a career in photography. This was cut short by the combination of the arrival of children and some overseas postings with her husband. Finally, Sarah settled in Sydney with her family in 2010, and decided to start painting in 2015, something she hadn’t done for years.
Sarah had a painting shortlisted in the Warringah Art Prize in 2016 which was a turning point – she hasn’t looked back since.


My work is evolving – as well as immersing myself in the native plants of Australia, I am enjoying the flood of light which spills into our homes and brings the decor to life. Currently I am developing a series of interior paintings which will tie up my love of interiors spawned when I worked in home interest magazines.

Prior to this, and it is an ongoing passion, I have sought the bounty of gardens and parkland and even secret places to find native flowering trees and shrubs. I have become slightly obsessed with recording the palettes of this Australian flora which help to define and shape this country (which is relatively new to me personally.) 

With my oil paintings I particularly enjoy the shapes and structures very close up at different lifecycle stages so that they almost become an abstracted form due to the large scale of the small details. With my gouache studies I like to show them in context, often using this medium for plein air work. I find myself returning again and again to all the favoured trees just to look, smell, sketch and paint the the very essence of their DNA.